Electromagnetic Linear Push Pull Solenoid Actuators

Solenoids basically are electrical devices used to convert electrical energy into linear mechanical motion. The energy produces within a solenoid can either be used to provide a straight linear pulling action, or it may be converted to provide rotary action. In either case the magnetic pull force increases as the air gap is reduced between armature and core. 

Force Range 5 N - 120 N
Stroke 2mm 35 mm
Voltage 12 / 24 V D C


We offer the following type of solenoids in variety of sizes.

  • Single Action linear Solenoid  --- A linear stroke motion from the start position to the end position. The return action is effected by some other external force / mechanism. Depending on the solenoid design, the force can be applied in a ‘PUSH’ or ‘PULL’ sense.
  • Double Acting Linear Solenoid  --- This in effect is two solenoids back to back, the stroke obtained by energizing in one of the two opposing directions from neutral.
  • Rotary Solenoid   --- Utilizes rotary motion from a neutral position when the solenoid is energized. Standard travel is 25 - 95º. Return action is via some other external means.

Various factors and their relations such as Force, Stroke, Duty cycle, pushing or pulling should be considered when selecting the right solenoid. Our D.C. Solenoids are most often sought by industrial segments for various applications such as automations, printing, packaging, textile, elevators, Automobile industries and general machine tools. 


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