Powder Clutch

POWDER CLUTCHES / BRAKES All-around ideal performance We use a special magnetic powder to transmit and control the torque on this series of clutches/brakes. The original powder and advanced structural design create incomparable performance in torque control and slip usage. Our unique materials and manufacturing expertise produce a high quality, nearly spherical powder, which dramatically improves the performance and reliability of our product, truly making this the ideal powder clutch/brake.


  • High precision torque over a wide range of values:By using efficient magnetic circuitry, the transmitted torque can be varied between 3% and 100% of maximum rated torque.
  • Stable torque and long operating life The ideal spherical powder obtains stable torque and smooth slip operation.
  • High thermal radiation capability Using a heat resistant powder, and a structure with high thermal radiation capability, our devices are capable of heavy continuous slip operation.
  • Non-shock, smooth linkage and brake Achieve an excellent buffer effect with its constant torque and smooth slip torque.
  • Non-abrasive powder and silent operation Unlike abrasive clutches/brakes there is no wearing powder, and silent operation is possible since there is no linkage sound.
  • Rapid response:The generated magnetic flux operates instantaneously as the effective flux, providing rapid torque response.
  • Brand: Sinfonia

Additional Information:
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 50 Unit



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